Month: July 2019

CBD Oil Part 2: My Daily Regimen for Keeping Anxiety at Bay

This is a continuation from my first post on CBD oil for anxiety while programming.

So, recently I’ve been having a lot of work related stress, having taken on one too many freelance projects. These past few weeks have felt very robotic, and I’ve been on edge and quick to go off, and I remembered my earlier experience with CBD oil that I documented here, and thought I’d try CBD oil for my anxiety one more time.

I did some reading online, researching the best CBD oils for anxiety here and eventually deciding to buy the 500mg full spectrum CBD oil from Royal CBD. It took a day to arrive, and once it did, I dosed 16.66mg twice per day, and I instantly felt much more relaxed. While I was quick to write it off as a placebo, when I tried the oil a different time at night (keeping it under my tongue for 60 seconds as the bottle suggested, instead of just swallowing it the firs time), the effects came on much more quickly and were more pronounced, and taking it like this for my later supplementations proved beneficial.

When faced with more tasking project deadlines and roadmaps, it’s always good to have something to fall back on that’s natural, and when meditation only gets you so much relief. While this CBD oil is a bit expensive for my liking (though I’m happy with this provider, as my first experience with a lower quality CBD oil vendor left me with awful tasting hemp oil with no benefits), I’ll definitely be keeping it in my arsenal for those tough days.