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Programming on Modafinil

Modafinil seems to be all the buzz in the programming industry these days. It seems like every “Silicon Valley unicorn genius programmer” (the media’s words, not mine) is on the drug, but it’s not because they have narcolepsy. Quite the opposite, actually. Programmers are using Modafinil to stay awake for long hours to meet their project managers’ increasingly-high demands and short deadlines.

Those who have been programming since the DotCom bubble know the situation all too well. Increasing share prices meant that companies had to deliver more results to their shareholders. This led to companies, especially tech companies that were at the center of all of this madness, to put more work on their developers. In the DotCom bubble age, Adderall was all of the hype. These prescription stimulants were used by every programmer and their grandmother, and for good reason. They worked. Worked being defined as kept the programmers up all night and free from distractions.

Let’s take a closer look at the Microsoft stock…

Investors are hungry, and shares of Microsoft trade higher than they did at the height of the DotCom bubble. But, programmers aren’t using Adderall anymore. Instead, they’ve shifted their focus on a wonder-drug known as Modafinil. It has little to no risk of dependence and is easily purchasable online. It is not considered a stimulant, and programmers, including myself, often refer to it as a watered down version of the once-popular prescription stimulants.

I purchased a pack of 200 pills online, and they came in blister packs. There are different types of Modafinil varieties, but the brand that I ordered was Waklert (armodafinil). Armodafinil is similar to Modafinil in its effects, but has a smoother come up and is known to last longer, which helps on those days where you wake up at 7:00 AM and hammer away at your keyboard until 2:00 AM (you think I’m kidding, but you’d be surprised at the high demands in this day and age).

My recommendations? Modafinil is safe than stimulants like methylphenidate and mixed amphetamine salts. I wouldn’t purchase from a local pharmacy for the sole reason that they charge an arm and a leg, even with insurance (even with a GoodRx coupon, brand name Provigil 200mg can go for more than $900). The same thing is sold online from trusted sources (the website I linked above,, is the source the folks at Reddit recommended and I had a great experience) and shipped from India. Drugs are cheaper there because the GDP per capita is much lower, and because it costs these drug companies less than one cent to make a 200mg tablet of any of the varieties of Modafinil that sells, they can sell them for 10 cents and still make a profit.

Hvordan søker jeg forbrukslån?

I dag søker stort sett alle på nettet. Her finner du KapitalKassen og andre finansieringsselskaper som tilbyr forbrukslån. Du kan se hvor mye du kan låne og ved hjelp av en lånekalkulator kan du også regne ut hvor mye du må betale pr. måned. Men husk at tallet kun er en pekepinn inntil din søknad har vært gjennom en kredittvurdering. Fyll ut søknadsskjemaet med alle opplysninger som trengs og husk å være ærlig med din inntekt og evt. gjeld. Tallene vil bli sjekket opp mot offentlige registre og er det større avvik mellom det du har skrevet og hva som er registrert, så vil søknaden bli avvist. Blir din søknad godkjent, vil du få tilsendt et lånetilbud på e-post og her vil alle betingelsene stå, blant annet hvor mye du får låne og til hvilken rente. I de fleste tilfeller trenger du ikke å vente mer enn et par timer før du får svar. Når du har funnet frem til det riktige tilbudet kan du signere på lånet med din BankID og etter en siste kontroll hos banken, så kan lånet utbetales i løpet av et par dager.

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FLV Player Updated

I have been working on a new version of FLV Player. The most important change is the ability to play On2 VP6 encoded FLV files. Other improvements include a resizable window and zoom 1x/2x buttons to allow for quick jumping to the FLV’s original size (after resizing FLV Player’s window, for example) and to look at your .flv file at 200% zoom. Version 1.3.2 and later also supports loading an FLV file or stream from either a regular webserver or an RTMP streaming server.

FLV Player is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista and works quickly, it converts FLV file format without any additional driver installations needed. An OS X version is in the works, no info on a release date yet.

  • Download installer (sponsored page) – click the bottom-most link on the next page, you can also download tryout versions of flv recording and flv conversion software there.
  • Download source files (.fla, .as, .sws)

This new version is based on Flash Player 8 and utilises the default Macromedia FLV Playback component, which uses a slightly customised skin (blue instead of green highlights). FLV Player is built with Screenweaver Open Source, which is still in beta, so your mileage may vary. Let me know if you encounter unexpected results. Or, even better, join the Screenweaver Open Souce initiative and help us create an even better version of Screenweaver!

One often requested feature that hasn’t been incorporated yet is the “fullscreen” option, Partly because I need some additional time to work on that specific ability, partly because I’m not sure if it’s that usefull. Playing FLV’s fullscreen is very CPU intensive. I think the zoom 2x feature and the resizeable window will suffice for now, but if you’d really like a fullscreen option, drop me line in the comments.

An important note to keep in mind: FLV Player uses the Macromedia Flash 8 FLV Playback component to play .flv files with. This component functions best when your .flv contains valid metadata.

Update August 22, 2017: The Mac OS X version has been released and is currently in public beta. Please get in touch if you are interested in becoming a beta tester.